The Working Principle of Rotary Air Compressor

Compresstech Resources, Inc is a leading provider of air compressor systems in the Philippines. Having over three decades of global industry experience, we have established a reputation for providing high-quality products and reliable services to clients in many industries. Our unrivaled expertise has catapulted us to become the largest compressed air systems company in the … Continued

The Industrial Applications of Air Compressors

Compressed air systems are found in a wide range of industries for an even wider scale of applications. Although you may be aware of its uses in your own niche, you will probably be surprised to discover the many other ways it is integrated into other businesses. As we try to list the industrial applications … Continued

Nitrogen & Oxygen: The Difference Between These Two Types of Generators

Compresstech is a leader in the compressed air systems technology in the Philippines. We take pride in being a trusted provider of state-of-the-art solutions in various sectors and industries. We offer a range of nitrogen and oxygen generators to ensure our customers have access to a continuous supply of industrial gases at the lowest costs. … Continued

IN FOCUS: Oil-Free PET Air Compressors

Compresstech Resources Inc. is a pioneer in the high-pressure compressor supply for the beverage and bottling industry. Having over 30 years of experience, we have established a close relationship with bottlers and engineering businesses in the country, supplying them with state-of-the-art compressed air solutions. Among these include oil-free PET air compressors from the leading brands, … Continued

Reciprocating Compressors vs. Rotary Air Compressors

Compresstech Resources is a Philippine leader in the air compressor technology with a global industry experience that spans for more than three decades. Throughout the years, we have established a reputation as the largest compressed air systems company in the country that caters a wide range of innovative products and sustainable solutions to clients in … Continued

Rotary Air Compressors: The Differences Between Lobe, Screw & Vane

An air compressor is a machine that pressurizes air in order to supply power to a number of air-powered tools. It is only among the many – if not countless – uses of the device that makes it an essential device in various industries. There are two common types of air compressors: Positive-displacement – a … Continued

Reciprocating Air Compressors: 6 Types You Need to Know

In an industry that requires pneumatic operations, a day without an air compressor is hardly imaginable. The fact is, the list of tools that draw power from compressed air is long, and despite being a relatively new innovation, it has been an indispensable apparatus any business can own. The use of compressed air is not … Continued

5 Reasons Why Go for a Diesel-Powered Air Compressor

Air compressors are machine capable of generating power through compressed air. These serve a wide variety of purposes – from inflating tires to supplying power to industrial air tools – and it’s no wonder that this equipment is found in a wealth of industries for an even more extensive range of applications. There are several … Continued

Best Portable Air Compressors to Buy in 2018

Whether you’re first out to build your automotive shop or looking to upgrade your already successful empire, a portable air compressor is one that you shouldn’t miss. It’s one of the most useful equipment your business will ever own and comes in handy for almost any job that will require air pressure from inflating tires … Continued